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Starting in 2019, Woman Arise started in a “Conversation” with dynamic women of God on Dr. Taketa Williams Live TV program on the Word Network. 

This encounter was created to speak to every woman in all walks of life, to elevate your influence in spheres that were once seemingly unattainable. You’ve partaken in conversations powerful enough to shift a society, and you’ve created a sisterly bond strong enough to withstand the limitations of time and distance. From one generation to another, your mantle of excellence is a reflection of God’s promises.

Dr. Taketa Williams, the engineer behind it all, is a highly anointed, vibrant, and a very powerful prophet.  She is a trendsetter, trailblazer and difference maker.  Her radical, out the box style of ministry is captivating and unforgettable. She travels extensively all over the US and international territories. She is known as the “Preacher’s Preacher.”  The ministry that God has placed inside of her is dynamic and the capacity in which He uses her will knock you off your feet.  When she goes forth, lives are changed, men and women who are in bondage mentally, physically and spiritually are set free, and the glory of God’s presence is revealed.  

Woman Arise is a movement that is taking the nations by storm and leading women to the next dimension of their destiny.  Meet us July 16-18, 2020, in New Orleans, LA for our annual Woman Arise movement.

Will you join us for this annual movement?

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